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Jesus had a very simple way of doing ministry: Discipleship. He ministered for 3 years and almost all of his time was spent with 12 guys. They shared meals, sat around the fire, fished... but most importantly, Jesus taught them about the Kingdom of God. When he was about to be taken into heaven he told them, "Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations" (Matt. 28:19). Discipleship wasn't just something unique that Jesus did with those 12 guys, it is the medium through which the Kingdom of God was meant to spread through all generations.

D-Groups stand for... you guessed it... Discipleship Groups. This is the heart and soul of Chi Alpha. This is where you share your victories and struggles, fight for each other, let yourself be known, and do it all around the word of God. There are many to choose from, so get plugged into a D-Group today!


Scroll to see the times D Groups are happening and who's leading them!
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